Vancouver Mural Festival 2017

For this year's Vancouver Mural Festival it was fun to take a totally different approach to photographing the event by skipping the street festival and just documenting the murals going up during the week. Here's a short look at the week with Kelowna artist Tyler Keeton Robbins and his mural on the side of Nuba on East 3rd Avenue.

Scout Magazine: Artist Tyler Keeton Robbins Talks Inspiration Before the Vancouver Mural Festival



Photographs of murals usually end up serving as a backdrop (street photography/portraiture) or a straight forward landscape-type photograph of the work. But it's also interesting to always look at something commonly photographed in a certain way and look to photograph the subject from a different approach that interests you creatively.


FujiFilm X-70

FujiFilm X-Pro 2, XF 16mm f/1.4, XF 35mm f/2


Tyler Keeton Robbins | "Trees Burn While Flowers Bloom" |

Carson "Chairman" Ting | "Ride Wild" |

Ari De La Mora + Iriving Cano | "Dance the Dance My Girl" | |

David Shillinglaw | "We Are Croutons Floating in Cosmic Soup" |

Priscilla Yu | "Befriend Your Inner Demon" |