Westbank Corp. Fight For Beauty

Being a property developer in Vancouver might not rank highly in the popularity index when you talk to the average person and it's probably an even harder sell to start a discussion that those skyscrapers need to be beautiful. Enter Westbank Corp. and their founder Ian Gillespie who are on a high profile campaign to improve the Vancouver skyline while bringing on a roster of star architects and artists to define that vision.

Instead of relying solely on the press you can find Westbank Corp. producing and marketing their practice from self-publishing books documenting their work to elaborate exhibitions Gesamtkunstwerk and Japan Unlayered as sidebar for their latest projects in the city. Here's a photoset from a walk through their latest exhibition Fight For Beauty that opens on October 14th next to the Fairmont Pacific Rim.


Westbank Corp. Fight for Beauty fightforbeauty.ca | October 14 - December 17

Vancouver Magazine: The New Skyline: Ian Gillespie’s Vision



FujiFilm X-Pro 2, XF 35mm f/2, XF 16mm f/1.4