Opening Week at La Forêt Bakery & Coffee

Whenever a new coffee shop opens in the city I always dream of places that can bring something different from every other cafe in the city in some way. It's easy to judge and compare new coffee shops based on the interior design, but in the end it only sets the stage for the experience.

So what do you get when you convert a massive 5,500 square feet auto body repair shop into a cafe? La Forêt Bakery & Coffee took the better part of a year designing and building their new cafe in Metrotown that opened earlier this month. Named after the French word for forest you'll find one of the more unique spaces in the city with massive vaulted ceilings and a giant planter filled with small trees and bushes in the middle of the cafe. Tables surround the planter with more additional seating, communal tables and an outdoor patio spread out throughout their space.

Coffee at La Forêt comes from Timbertrain Coffee and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters with espresso made on a La Marzocco Linea PB with batch brew filter coffee. Food wise you'll find French pastries in the display case along with some Korean inspired food and desserts.

These photographs will probably be slightly deceptive because the experience will totally change when the room is filled with people, but the dream will continue.


La Forêt Bakery & Coffee | 6848 Jubilee Avenue, Burnaby | cafelaforet.comInstagram | Facebook


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