#cafeyvrinportland Proud Mary Coffee

You could easily be mistaken that the staff at Proud Mary Coffee in Portland is expecting a celebrity to drop by the cafe because whenever someone walks in the door there will be some heads swiveling to catch a glance when anyone walks in. But Beyonce isn't coming for her flat white and the special treatment is for everyone walking into Proud Mary's first international location.

It would be hard to come to any judgement on a brand new cafe after a single visit, but it's still refreshing to see a cafe striving in different ways to break the status quo of what customers expect from a coffee shop.


Proud Mary Coffee | 2012 NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon | proudmarycoffee.com | Instagram


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I love to sit in a cafe, to linger over a coffee. Perhaps to read, perhaps not. I don’t want to be head down, hunting like a truffle-pig for the aromas prophesied on a small chalk menu board. I don’t want to tune out the noise around me, to focus on the coffee. I want that cup to be entwined in what I see, and hear, and feel.