Caffè di Beppe

Italian coffee bars. Espresso roast. Traditional cappuccinos. While I might not be in a good position to tell you about the history of Italian coffee culture (here in Vancouver or back in Italy), but luckily it's not a requirement to enjoy a visit to Caffe di Beppe in Gastown.

A mix of a coffee house and a place to grab a light lunch, di Beppe transitions further in the evening when the back room opens for supper in the evening. The food menu in the caffe features pizzas, sandwiches and salads with an equal number of Italian baked goods to go with your coffee (the caffe is also licensed). Coffee is old school with bags direct from Italy while at the same time trying to bring some third wave coffee practices to make their espresso drinks lead by Chris Giannakos (Crema, Revolver).

Going for coffee is an experience that might start with the cup of the coffee but extends to everything you touch, see and feel inside a cafe. Even if you have no childhood memories of hanging out in an Italian coffee bar there is something relatable and compelling about the experience.

Caffè di Beppe | 2 West Cordova Street, Vancouver | caffedibeppe.comFacebookInstagram


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