Curbside with Johnny Can't Surf Coffee

From the outside it might seem like the most laid back thing to serve coffee from the back of a camping trailer, but it's been a long road to open Johnny Can't Surf Coffee.

After fixing up the old camping trailer into a functioning mobile coffee bar, Johnny and Andy (the pair met while working together at 49th Parallel Coffee) were finally able to starting serving coffee on July 31st.

Along with the coffee they decided to make the Dutch stroopwafel (thin wafer cookie with a caramel sugar filling) their go to snack which they make themselves at a local commissary kitchen. Johnny Can't Surf has also been regularly rotating their coffee from different Canadian roasters including their old employers at 49th Parallel Coffee, Phil & Sebastian Coffee and Transcend Coffee on their menu.

Johnny might not be able to surf but luckily the two know how to make serving coffee fun. Here's a small selection of photos of Johnny and Andy at work over the past two months.


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Check their Instagram for their schedule and location.


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