Opening Week at Matchstick Coffee Riley Park

Matchstick Coffee has a beautiful new home in Riley Park and while keeping elements from their two other cafes it was nice to see the interior find inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design.

Set in the corner unit of the new Brock on Main condo development the 1,532 square feet space is surrounded on two sides with floor to ceiling windows. The new also cafe saw them take their experience designing their first two cafes and collaborate with Michael Green Architecture on the design of the Riley Park location.

There's plenty of seating to be found with a communal table in front the counter while benches circle the cafe next to all the windows. You can also find a secluded nook in the corner of the cafe which also gets paired with a beautiful custom oak chair designed by Richard Jarvis using cushions upholstered in vegan friendly leather. Lighting in the space is also brought to another level with three Arc Globe Pendants from Allied Maker above the communal table and recessed light strips built into the the retail shelving and wall behind the nook.

With wood being a predominant material in their previous cafes they made the decision to go with a more natural finish on all of the fir wood using lye and soap that is a popular technique from Denmark.

Coffee service is consistent with their other Matchstick cafes using a La Marzocco Linea PB for espresso and Chemex brewers for filter coffee.


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photos, openingsLawrence Lee