#cafeyvrincalgary 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championships

Unveiled in 2005 the AeroPress is a simple and convenient brewing method that has also managed to introduce some fun to the global coffee community as witnessed by the World AeroPress Championships.

With an almost mythical beginning in 2008 at Tim Wendelboe's cafe in Oslo the inaugural "competition" involved three friends trying to brew the best cup of coffee they could using the AeroPress. Fast forward to 2016 and it has transformed into a global affair with fifty national competitions being held this year to send winners to Dublin for the finals on June 23rd.

Canada's AeroPress Championships were held for the second straight year in Calgary, Alberta with the Prairie Coffee Collective taking up organizational duties. While naturally Calgary had a strong presence on the competitors sheet for logistical reasons, it was great to see three Vancouverites make the trip with Eldric Kuzma (Aubade Coffee), Issac Jeffs (Rocanini Coffee Roasters) and Vania Poon (home brewer).

Thirty six competitors were whittled down after three rounds of blind tastings by judges with two baristas from Monogram Coffee going head to head in the final round. Here are a few scenes captured on May 28th at Tool Shed Brewing for the 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championships.


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2016 Canadian AeroPress Championships Results

1st Place Jill Hoff, Monogram Coffee (Calgary)

2nd Place Brandon O'Shea, Monogram Coffee (Calgary)

3rd Place Eldric Kuzma, Aubade Coffee (Vancouver)


Jill Hoff's AeroPress Recipe

Official Coffee of the 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championships
Transcend Coffee Raul Gutierrez Washed Colombian

Standard Brew Method
Brew ratio: 13.5
Water temperature: 195F
17g coffee, at medium fine grind on the EK
Add 230g water
At 1:10, stir
Plunge from 1:15-1:45

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