The Walk to Le Marché St. George

If going for a cup of coffee is about rituals then the walk through Riley Park to the cafe is a key part of any visit to Le Marché St. George. While it might not be much different from any other neighbourhood in Vancouver by appearance, they are also home to one of my favourite cafes which sits on the corner of St. George Street & East 28th Avenue.

Even though their building was home to a grocery store since it was built in 1914 it was natural to see them push the boundaries of the status quo where the by-laws only considered cafes to exist on major streets in the city. A few Vancouver Specials, chalk drawings on the sidewalks, vegetable planters next to the sidewalk. A few of the things you'll see on your walk to Le Marché St. George.


Lolita Magazine: Janaki Larsen of Le Marché St. George

"Kids roam the street outside, moms catch up casually over Americanos in vintage chipped teacups, and young folks arrange their croissants just so while snapping photos with their smartphones. It’s a place built upon family and community, which is rare to find in a big city. I sat down to chat with Janaki and hear the story of Le Marché, and why it’s so important to have a place like it."

Kinfolk City Guide: Q&A with Janaki Larsen


photosLawrence Lee