Cafe Florals with The Wild Bunch

The physical design of a cafe is a key part of the experience so it's only natural that the interior, music, lighting and graphic design of a space requires a lot of thought and planning. With the deep psychological connection to flowers a lot of cafes will include some greenery in their cafe, but it would be hard to match The Birds & the Beets when they made the decision to open with a retail flower shop as a key component of the space.

The florals brought into the cafe are the work of the The Wild Bunch floral studio bringing flowers in daily to the space along with a selection of bouquets and planters for sale in a corner of the cafe. Flowers have such a deep psychological connection with people so it's hard to come up with a complete list of the elements that they bring to a space but it's a lengthy one: colour, shape, texture, organic, seasonality, fragrance, mood.


A short Q&A with The Wild Bunch's Nastaran Soofi Siavash

What ideas came into your head when you started talking about your collaboration with The Birds & the Beets?

So many ideas… but primarily,  we wanted to bring seasonal flowers to the cafe, to make flowers a part of people’s day. To introduce them to new and interesting varieties throughout the year. To surprise, excite and inform :)

When you walk into a new space what kind of things do you look at in the design of the room when thinking about floral design?

I look for the light, I look at the bones. What can an arrangement highlight (like high ceilings), what can it hide (light sockets!). The right flowers, the right vessels, can really make a room, give it life and energy.

What flowers are you looking forward to seeing this summer?

All the humble farm flowers like rudbeckia, dahlias, mixed in with true garden roses and the grasses. So many combinations, so little time.

What coffee do you order when you're at the cafe?

Drip for the morning. Cappuccino as a treat.


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photosLawrence Lee