Inside Propaganda Coffee

In an area a few years back that was devoid of anything resembling a decent cup of coffee, Sean Heather & Bob Rennie got the ball rolling with their Everything Cafe opening in 2010. Propaganda Coffee joined the neighbourhood in April 2015 bringing a spacious and relaxed place to drink coffee along with introducing the city to the Modbar espresso/pourover system which hides the guts of the machine below the counter. 

The Modbar at Propaganda was developed by a former barista/coffee roaster/CAD designer in Fort Wayne, Indiana that attempts to bring a more personal experience to service at cafes by removing the usually large espresso machine from the coffee bar. With financial and technical support from La Marzocco and Marco Beverage Systems the system was finally brought to market in 2013 after nearly ten years of development of the original idea.

Another new tool being tested behind the bar is the somewhat strangely named OCD tool (short for "Ona Coffee Distributor") from the 2015 World Barista Champion Sasa Sestic that uses a metal base with four curved slopes that tries to eliminate the inconsistency of the coffee surface prior to tamping the coffee. Clockwork Espresso's PUSH tamper from England has a slightly different approach using the edge of the VST basket to set a consistent depth when tamping.


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photosLawrence Lee