A Visit to Oldhand Coffee

A new series on Cafe YVR featuring photo sets that are focused around a single visit to a cafe. Here's the first installment.

Oldhand Coffee is the dream we get to share with our reclaimed community, where we believe people want to create stronger bonds with their friends and neighbours over artfully prepared food and drink. We are grateful to be raising our baby daughter Else among the families and culture-lovers who visit us every day at Oldhand Coffee.

As the Dutch say, heel gezellig, or ‘we will make every detail of our time together perfect.’
— Kristina and Johannes van Bommel van Vloten

It's about a 68 kilometre drive out to Oldhand Coffee making it into a bit of a trek but it also makes each visit that much more special.

Since the last time I dropped by, they had a small photo book next to the Linea with a collection of photographs from Instagram documenting life inside their cafe since they opened the doors last spring. It was fun to see the photographs of that transformed hole in the wall sushi restaurant now a beautiful cafe full of customers and friends.

If you can make any excuse to make the trek out to Oldhand fill up the gas tank and go. Say hi to Kristina, Johannes and Else for me.


Oldhand Coffee | 31962 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford | oldhandcoffee.com

Corner of South Fraser Way & Clearbrook

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photosLawrence Lee