Opening Week at JJ Bean Dunsmuir

JJ Bean Coffee's newest cafe and their eighteenth location in the city opened last week with a soft opening to meet their new neighbours on Dunsmuir Street.

The property was originally home to a Methodist church in the 1890s which was later purchased by a labour union and used for a decade until it was torn down to make way for the construction of the Labour Temple in 1913. The building was also originally designed to accommodate two additional floors, but recent renovations added more square space with an extension added to the back of the structure.

The design of the cafe is reminiscent of another JJ Bean on Bidwell Street with exposed concrete and bricks on the outer wall along with the seismic steel bracing members.

The Dunsmuir cafe incorporates some interesting tilework not seen at any of their other cafes with broken tile shards inlaid into the floor while the counter and back walls are finished with marble tile in a herringbone pattern. The blue paint splattered on some of the walls in the cafe most likely comes from the previous tenants a Quebecois themed restaurant.

One small change behind the counter that you might notice if you've frequented other JJ Bean locations is the removal of the whole bean coffee hoppers, but you can still find retail bags of their coffee stocked at the cafe.

Past Tense Vancouver: A Temple for Labour


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Lawrence Lee