Inside JJ Bean Cambie

JJ Bean Coffee opened their 17th location in style with their new Cambie Village cafe and the space is already a personal favourite. This photo set extends from the soft opening of the cafe in March until more recently with the completion of the outdoor patio.

While all the cafes at JJ Bean share a common starting point for their design which usually includes the use of natural woods, a variety of seating styles and the same brand of washroom fixtures. But it's always fascinating to see what the team behind building new cafes at JJ Bean end up delivering since each location are always distinctive with unique details and their own character reflecting the local neighbourhood.

The space works with a strong combination of materials of dark gray subway tiles and hardwood floor panels that extend from the floor up the walls to a striking geometric ceiling.

Located in an old convenience store there are some nods to the past occupant of the space with the old faded sign for the Cambie General Store complete with a Coca-Cola logo was used as a backdrop to new JJ Bean Coffee signage. An old mural where the new patio sits is remembered with stripes of paints using colours contained in the original work.


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