Magazine B at Giovane Cafe

In publication since November 2011, South Korea's B Magazine takes one brand each month and dives into the story behind the brand. Along with globally recognized brands like Audi, Lego and Ray-Ban the magazine also selects category leading brands that you may have never heard of like Repetto a French company that makes ballet shoes.

Published in Korean and English, Magazine B has no advertising inside and receives no compensation from the brand being profiled. Each issue tries to see how people interact with a brand in their daily life interviewing people from both inside and outside the company along with telling the story with some great photography and infographics.

The magazine is currently only stocked at two North American shops both of which seem to have a limited selection. You can order individual issues or a subscription to the magazine through their website.

"It is out of the belief that understanding a brand could be made possible by seeing, feeling and smelling the brand itself - much accessible way than marketing textbooks filled with jargons. Except a number of facts that need to be confirmed, the magazine’s narratives will revolve around customers of a brand that is featured." - Excerpt from Publisher's Note from the first issue of Magazine B


Giovane Cafe + Wine Bar | 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver (first level of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel off of Cordova Street)



Stack Magazines: Meet the brands with Magazine B

"And that’s the most interesting thing about Magazine <B>. People love it. We’re used to approaching brand tie-ups with caution, seeing them as a threat to credibility and independence, but the lesson from Magazine <B> seems to be that people want to know more about the brands around them."

Magazine B: Issue No.29 Ace Hotel 

"I researched and tried out many different hotels before choosing one brand to introduce in this issue. What made this choice particularly difficult, however, is that there are a great number of hotels that all reveal unique lifestyle concepts in beautiful ways. In the end, we chose Ace Hotel because behind the brand’s unique individuality lies considerable business acumen."
photosLawrence Lee