#notacafeyvr The Pie Shoppe

A series introducing some places in Vancouver that aren't "cafes" but are serving up coffee (and it's usually pretty excellent).

When you build a pie shop in Chinatown in a 310 square feet space in just nine days there has to be an interesting backstory to how the business got started. The Pie Shoppe does have that but just walking off the street into their workspace you'll get a glimpse into their tiny but beautiful pie baking operation.

The Pie Shoppe keeps it simple with a dedication to making delicious pies while sourcing all the ingredients locally which can also involve road trips to pick up fruit. After a few months planning they opened in December 2012 with the help of their friends to convert an old ceramic studio into their new shop in Chinatown.

The shop also has roots in coffee with a project to small batch roast in Vancouver under the name Panoramic Coffee Roasters. They continue roasting up their coffee at the shop using their two pound Sonofresco fluid bed coffee roaster with pour over and a few espresso drinks.

The Pie Shoppe 2015 Holiday Hours (The Pie Shoppe will also start their annual hiatus in January when they close up for a month)


The Pie Shoppe |  pieshoppe.ca | 721 Gore Avenue, Vancouver V6A 2Z9 | 604-338-6646

Tuesday - Sunday 11AM - until sold out

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Zack Lazarus made a video for The Pie Shoppe on the concept and construction of their space:


The Little Black Coffee Cup: The Pie Shoppe & Panoramic Coffee Roasters

These Salty Oats: Non-Preachy Pie

"The simplicity of their operation provides the framework for conversations surrounding sustainability, seasonality, and the local foodshed. And as an added benefit, their pie makes those conversations taste delicious."

Ben Wannamaker: Buttery Pastry with Disposition


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