#cafeyvrinseattle Fall 2015

General Porpoise Doughnuts

General Porpoise Dougnuts just opened this month bringing a solid coffee program to pair with their sugar covered doughnuts. The doughnut shop is part of the Sea Creatures restaurant group headed up by Renee Erickson which includes local favourites including The Walrus & the Carpenter and The Whale Wins.

Paying homage to the custard and jam filled doughnuts Erickson tasted from Fergus Henderson’s St. JOHN in London; the doughnuts at General Porpoise get filled with a rotating selection of fillings including vanilla custard, chocolate marshmallow, peanut butter + grape jelly, apple jam and lemon curd.

Coffee is not an oversight at the cafe headed by Jeff Butler who managed Fremont's Milstead & Co. and the multi-roaster concept is also brought over to General Porpoise featuring Dapper & Wise, De La Paz Coffee, Heart and Toby's Estate. Look for espresso from the pink La Marzocco Strada, batch filter and pourover coffee courtesy of a set of Modbar setup incorporated into the beautiful marble countertop.

General Porpoise Doughnuts | 1060 East Union Street, Seattle | gpdoughnuts.com

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Another new cafe opening on Capitol Hill, Métier is mixing good coffee and the Seattle cycling community. The cafe is part of a massive space spread over multiple floors that also includes a training gym, bicycle shop and service centre.

Métier will be serving up light meals at the cafe featuring their waffles and pretzels made in-house while coffee will rotate between Daylight Mind Coffee, Elm Coffee, Sightglass, Slate Coffee Roasters and Temple Coffee.

Métier | 1017 East Union Street, Seattle | slatecoffee.com

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Slate Coffee Pioneer Square

Slate Coffee did a stealthy expansion in September by acquiring two existing cafes and quickly re-opening them under their banner. While keeping their trademark wine glasses for their espresso drinks, Slate has also adjusted to their new neighbourhood by including batch filter coffee on the menu.

The Pioneer Square location is unchanged cosmetically since re-opening with only the coffee brewing equipment in the cafe being swapped out including a brand new espresso machine from Slayer Espresso. Since most nearby offices are closed on the weekend, it's a great place to enjoy a relaxed cup of coffee.

Slate Coffee Pioneer Square | 602 2nd Avenue, Seattle | slatecoffee.com

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Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters | 240 2nd Avenue South Avenue, Seattle | elmcoffeeroasters.com

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Stumptown 12th

Stumptown 12th | 1115 12th Avenue, Seattle | stumptowncoffee.com

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room | 1124 Pike Street, Seattle | roastery.starbucks.com

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