Inside JJ Bean Suter Brook

With seventeen locations and an eighteenth on the way it's easy to make a list of JJ Bean Coffee locations that you have never stepped a foot in and their cafe in Port Moody is probably on it.

Opened in October 2012 its not one of their newest locations the cafe is one of their best design wise. Suter Brook is a 22 acre development with housing, shops and offices that has been in development since 2003 and will be transformed further by the planned opening of a nearby Evergreen Line SkyTrain station.

Anyone walking into the cafe will immediately see the living wall of plants along the south wall of the cafe which continues up to a large black pendant light that has a garden inspired pattern cast in plaster inside the dome. The communal table is also tied into the cafe with the wood planks of the table extending down into the floor and partially up the steel staircase.


JJ Bean Suter Brook | 400 Capilano Rd #7, Port Moody  | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


photosLawrence Lee