#notacafeyvr Archive by Revolver Coffee

When the space next door came up for lease, the guys at Revolver Coffee jumped at the chance opening Archive in December 2013 to double their seating along with providing a one-stop boutique space for home coffee brew equipment.

The duo behind the design work at Revolver returned to take on the Archive space with Craig Stanghetta doing the interior design and Post Projects handling the brand identity.

Archive has a unique two tone paint job that starts out level at the back of the space and then runs down on a diagonal on both interior walls. A long communal table sits in the center of the room with seating for twenty-four flanked by cabinets for the coffee brew equipment and a standing bar.

While there was always some space devoted for some home coffee brew equipment inside Revolver, the new space provided the perfect space to logically lay out all the options for someone interested in home coffee brewing along with a dedicated staff member on hand to answer any questions.

The space has also given the guys the chance to experiment with some other items curated for Archive like books, fountain pens, stationary and recently adding a selection of camera bags from New York's ONA Bags.


Revolver Coffee | revolvercoffee.ca | 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver | 604-558-4444

Monday to Friday 7:30AM - 6PM (the Archive space opens at 9AM on weekdays)

Saturday 9AM - 6PM

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"Ultimately, the idea was to create a one-stop-shop for all things coffee so while you get your coffee at Revolver you can pick up some filters for your pour over, or upgrade your grinder, or just learn about something you never knew existed."

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