Inside Faraday Café

Faraday Café is an installation from social artist Julien Thomas exploring a space designed to block out wireless phone and Internet signals. Operating inside the Chinatown Experiment pop-up storefront the cafe that will be open until July 16.

The cafe is the inaugural project  from a new Hughes Condon Marler Architects (HCMA) Artist-In-Residence program to work with artists working in a variety of media to "investigate the interface between the public realm and people" along with social sustainability.

The science behind the "Faraday cage" required the team to build an enclosure inside the room covered with an aluminium wire mesh that shields electromagnetic signals such as those from cell phone networks. Another challenge is a Rogers cellphone tower located a block from the cafe along with the constantly improving antenna technology inside new phones.

All the coffee at the space was sourced from Revolver Coffee including some brewing advice for the Chemex pourover coffee service. Faraday will be going through the entire coffee menu at Revolver with a rotating menu of beans including from Phil & Sebastian, Heart, Ritual, Parlor and Anchored.

If you're curious about the idea drop into the space for a cup of coffee by donation and learn more about the installation. Faraday Café is also hosting special events throughout the week with morning meditations, afternoon DJ sets and potluck dinners (watch for announcements on their Instagram account).

You can also find another project Julien is working on in front of Prado Cafe with the new Commercial Drive Parklet being installed this year that will see two parking spaces converted into a new public space fitted with tables and benches.


Faraday Café | 434 Columbia Street, Vancouver (inside the Chinatown Experiment)

Everyday from 10AM - 6PM (until July 16th)

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photosLawrence Lee