Inside 247 Main (Closed)

247 Main has permanently closed.

After a change of owners, the cafe across from the provincial courthouse on Main Street recently reopened. The old owner of Solder & Sons decided to move out of the city, so Joda Clément jumped in to take over the space renaming the cafe to 247 Main.

Taking over the business he got into contact with Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters through a friend of a friend and decided to bring their coffee into 247 Main. Bows & Arrows also wanted to get their coffee back into the Downtown Eastside after their previous account in the area Dunlevy Snackbar made the switch from operating as a cafe to a night time eatery.

You'll find espresso drinks prepared on their Rancilio Silvia and pour over coffee using a variety of single origin beans from Bows & Arrows. 247 Main will also have a cold brew coffee on the menu with a New Orleans-style cold brew with grounds soaked overnight. The cafe also serves up tea from Granville Island Tea Company and a selection of fresh juices prepared to order.

There have only been a few changes in the space with the removal of a few bookshelves but you'll also find a new section devoted to limited print "artist books" curated by Denise Ryner from Committe Artist BooksYou can also expect to see more tapes, vinyl and CDs for sale from local and international labels with items you won't find anywhere else in the city with a focus on ambient music.

The one-storey brick building housing 247 Main was built in 1912 and had retail stores and offices running along the corner of Main and East Cordova. In 1968 the cafe which at the time was the Main Barber Shop was photographed by Vancouver street photographer Fred Herzog (Main Barber and Main Barber from Sidewalk by Fred Herzog from the Equinox Gallery).


247 Main | 247 Main Street (at East Cordova Street), Vancouver

Tuesday - Friday 10AM - 5PM

Weekends 11AM - 5PM

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photosLawrence Lee