Opening week at Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen (Closed)

Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen has closed but they are re-opening as an eatery run by Lear Faye Owner Dolly Reno and Ciaran Chung who comes from L'Abattoir)

The newest cafe on Commercial Drive is open and it's a family run shop with a brother-sister team managing Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen. What used to be the old East Van Cinemas has been redeveloped as part of a new condominium project keeping most of the original exterior of the building and adding two additional levels to the structure.

Walking around the cafe you will find some beautiful craftsmanship with Italian plaster walls lining the room while beautiful metalwork and reclaimed wood are used for the table tops and banquette seating. The lighting is also top notch at Lear Faye with unique lights including some sandblasted fir dowels above the coffee bar that were inset with LED lights. And look for a few more finishing touches to be added like a new menu board and some customizations to the espresso machine.

Lear Faye is using beans from Elysian Coffee and along with brewed coffee prepared on a Fetco they have a Synesso Hydra machine for the espresso drinks. Along with the white notNeutral ceramics, the cafe will be using the notNeutral GINO glass drippers for their pourover coffee service. And they also have a full lineup of grinders behind the coffee bar with an original Nuova Simonelli Mythos coffee grinder, a pair of the new Clima-Pro Mythos models and a Mahlkönig EKK 43 double grinder.

You can also find a selection of gluten free baked goods, a daily soup and several sandwiches on the menu including a breakfast sandwich made with egg, manchego cheese and bacon on a ciabatta bun.


Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen | 2270 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Monday - Friday 7AM - 8PM

Weekends 8AM - 8PM

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