Victoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle at Revolver Coffee

Revolver Coffee welcomed the first Victoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle in Canada to their espresso bar last week. The 388 Black Eagle is the modern interpretation of the brand from the legendary espresso maker.

Founded in 1905, Victoria Arduino is probably most well known for their intricate copper and brass espresso towers topped with an ornamental eagle in flight. Victoria Arduino was acquired in 2001 by fellow Italian espresso maker Nuova Simonelli and turned into a new high-end brand for the company.

The new model from Victoria Arduino carries on that iconic design becoming the focus of the room with a sleek chromed stainless steel body. The VA388 Black Eagle is identical except for the cosmetic changes with Nuova Simonelli's Aurelia II T3 which is also the official machine for the World Barista Championships. Which includes all the water temperature control technology and the industry leading massive 14-pound brass grouphead with its own heating element which helps to keep stable temperatures for brewing.

The temperature control has also been extended to Revolver's new set of Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Clima Pro coffee grinders which includes heating and cooling around the grinding chamber (heating element, aluminium heat sink and cooling fans) giving more consistent results throughout the day. 

Another recent change at Revolver was the introduction of a new roaster to their coffee menu with Parlor Coffee from Brooklyn at the end of April. Currently operating a popup espresso bar at the back of a barbershop since 2012 they're finishing work on their new roastery and coffee bar nearby in Brooklyn's Navy Yard district.

Thanks to Danny Bresciani from ECM Espresso Coffee Machine Company for answering a few quick questions about the VA388.


Revolver Coffee | | 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver