#cafeyvrinvictoria April 2014, Heist Coffee Co. and Habit Coffee Chinatown

Update: Heist Coffee Co. is permanently closed.

Some photos from a trip to Victoria and it turned out to be a Bows & Arrows Coffee affair with two local cafes using beans roasted by B&A along with a trip to their roastery (photos of the cafe/roastery to come in Part 2).


Heist Coffee Co. | heistcoffee.com | 727 Courtney Street (Downtown) | Monday to Friday 7AM - 4:30PM and Weekends 9AM - 3PM

Located in the middle of a parking lot (an old Budget Rent a Car office) that opened in December 2012. Serving coffee from various coffee roasters from Canada and the United States including Victoria's Bows & Arrows. The branding and signage for the cafe was created by Bully Creative.


Habit Coffee Chinatown habitcoffee.com | 552 Pandora Avenue (Chinatown) | Weekdays 7AM - 6PM and Weekends 8AM - 6PM

Habit's first location their cafe in Victoria's Chinatown opened in January 2007. They also have a second location in the Atrium Building office building downtown and the interior for both cafes was handled by Caste Projects in Victoria (they also did the branding and interior for Vancouver's Dose Espresso Bar). Habit also works with Bows & Arrows who roasts the coffee beans for their cafes.


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