#cafeyvrinseattle April 2014

Photos from a quick pit stop in Seattle at Espresso Vivace, Milstead & Co. and Slate Coffee Company.


Espresso Vivace Brix | espressovivace.com | 532 Broadway Avenue East (Capitol Hill) | Everyday 6AM - 11PM

They also have a sidewalk bar cafe down the block from their main location and a new cafe in South Lake Union.


Milstead & Co. | milsteadandco.com | 770 N 34th Street (Fremont) | Weekdays 6AM - 6PM and Weekends 7AM - 6PM

Serving coffee from various coffee roasters around North America including Stumptown, Wrecking Ball, Bows & Arrows, Intelligentsia and Kuma.


Slate Coffee Bar | slatecoffee.com | 5413 6th Ave NW (Ballard) | Everyday 7AM - 4PM

Along with their own coffee bar in Ballard, you can find Slate Coffee served at a few other cafes in Seattle along with in California and Illinois. (full locations list)


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