#notacafeyvr 33 Acres Brewing Co.


A new series introducing some places in Vancouver that aren't "cafes" but are serving up coffee (and it's usually pretty excellent).

One of Vancouver's newest craft breweries, 33 Acres Brewing's tasting room in Mount Pleasant is one of the most beautiful spaces in the city with an amazing attention to detail. The story gets more interesting when you learn about how the brewery came together and how involved in the design and construction owner Josh Michnik put in along with endless support from friends and family.

While most people come to the tasting room to fill up a growler or grab a glass of beer, 33 Acres also includes some interesting food options.

33 Acres hosts a rotating lineup of food trucks that park out front for lunch and dinner (the food truck roster gets posted every Monday to their website) along with making waffles in-house on the weekends. And the tasting room also has a snack menu which includes some contributions from some other Vancouver favourites including Bestie, Beta 5 Chocolates, Earnest Ice Cream and Nelson the Seagull.

They make no mistake with their coffee selection serving up pour over coffee with beans sourced from Victoria's Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters along with selling cold brew from Notch Coffee. And I guess it doesn't hurt that Bows & Arrow's packaging perfectly blends into 33 Acres's space.

(Update: They are now serving up coffee from Heart Coffee Roasters, cold brew from Notch Coffee along with tea from O5 Tea in Kitsilano along with a new breakfast menu.)


33 Acres Brewing Co. | 33acresbrewing.com | 15 West 18th Avenue, Vancouver, V5Y 1M8 | 604-620-4589

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A short montage on the build out of 33 Acres Brewing's space in Mount Pleasant:



Barley Mowat: 33 Acres Preview

"I wanted to build this company on three major elements; hard work, creativity, and developing the highest quality product we can. These three components are my driving force in absolutely every aspect of this brewery. No short-cuts."

Monster Children: 33 Acres Brewery

"I designed everything. The brand, the space, the furniture inside the space, and of course the business model. Its been a hectic 2.5 years of my life but its been worth the sacrifices I’ve had to make. My friends and family have helped me make this project a reality, with out there help it wouldn’t exist."

Vancouver Province: Gambling on hard graft and craft beer

"Sitting opposite Michnik among the whitewashed walls and clean lines of what will be 33 Acres’ tasting room, Varga’s sporting heavy duty boots, thick work pants and a slightly glazed look that speaks of the 12- to 14-hour days both men have put in to the brewery since Michnik got the keys on Nov. 1, 2012."

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