Able Brewing Kone Pourover at Revolver Coffee

Brewing every cup of coffee to order Revolver Coffee's brew bar was designed to make the coffee brewing process transparent to customers. If you stick around the bar while your coffee is being brewed you can see the basic techniques of a pourover coffee at work: the amount of coffee used (pre-measured in glass jars), set water temperature (from the hot water boiler), amount of water (measured using a scale) along with the brew time (measured with a timer).

By default brewed coffee at Revolver Coffee is made using Able Brewing's Kone filters on a glass Chemex brewer. The Kone filter was invented in 2010 by Portland's Keith Gehrke who made it a personal project to develop a replacement for the paper filters traditionally used in Chemex brewers. The Kone filters are currently in their third generation design with the latest version adding the plastic rim which allowed for a thinner stainless steel material to be used along with smaller holes.

Revolver is also a great place to ask any questions about making coffee at home with more in-depth advice available next door inside Archive along with their showcase of home brewing equipment available for purchase.


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