30 Photos: Musette Caffè Burrard

Musette Caffè took a space formerly occupied by an aquarium/pet store and created a stylish cafe with the side goal of helping to build the cycling community in Vancouver. Located off the back alley next to a Toyota car dealership it might not jump to you as a potential location for a cafe but walking inside you'll be glad that someone took the leap of faith into opening up Musette.

There were no extensive changes to the exterior of the building with the exception of a fresh coat of paint and removing a few cinder blocks to install a window. However, inside it was the complete opposite with a transformation lining the room with unique textures from the sliding doors using wood reclaimed from an old barn to the ceiling tiles with a fading coat of white paint along the front of one of their counters. Antique furniture and an extensive collection of cycling memorabilia with every piece meticulously placed in the design including the beautiful La Marzocco FB/70 espresso machine custom painted to match the cafe colours.

Another unique element of the design of the space was building it out with a future relocation in mind since the entire block where the cafe sits was eventually going to be torn down to make way for a new commercial and residential development. While it's already exciting to hear some ideas in the concept for a new location for Musette Caffè, it will always be nice to remember where it all got started.


Musette Caffè | musettecaffe.com | 1262 Burrard Street, Vancouver V6Z 1Z1 | 604-336-1159

Located in the back lane off of the Jim Pattison Toyota Downtown lot.

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