Historical photos of 300 block of Cambie

A few photos from over the years of Revolver Coffee's space inside the Horne Block on Cambie Street which is a three-storey brick building built in 1890.

The first photo taken in March 1959 shows a number of business operating including a bible store, a bookstore downstairs, MC Tailors & Cleaners and a pet store. MC Tailors can still be found on the block operating at 307 Cambie Street in the building next door in the Panama Block.



The next photo of the building was taken in 1981 and shows the Horne Block with its brick facade painted. You can also see Frannie's Deli which was still in business until Revolver took over the space in 2011.



The Horne Block also housed the offices and printers for the Telegram Newspaper at 321 Cambie Street which was an evening daily in Vancouver. They also occupied Revolver's space next door along with using the basement for their printing room.

In the first photo you can see Revolver's space in 1891 a year after the building opened which was used for the newspapers' composing room where the typesetting was done. If you look at the windows closely you can see the original window frames that are still in the cafe today.



A photo from the basement shows the printing room and shows natural light coming into the space from some windows that have been covered over. If you go into the alley next to the building you can still see the arches in the brickwork near the pavement where the windows would have been located.


Credit: City of Vancouver Archives, Reference Number: Bu P508.7

City of Vancouver Archives, Reference Number: CVA 779-E11.11

City of Vancouver Archives, Reference Number: AM54-S4-: News P3

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