Alpha Dominche Steampunk MOD 2.1

Alpha Dominche started their Punks on the Run West Coast Tour at Vancouver's 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters cafe on Main Street. Demoing their Steampunk MOD 2.1 brewing system which can be used to brew both coffee and tea and is currently installed in around 100 cafes around the world in its various incarnations.

The Steampunk MOD 2.1 is controlled using an Android-based Nexus 7 tablet allowing the barista to set various parameters on the brew cycle including: water volume, brew time, water temperature and the number of agitation cycles. The coffee then gets filtered using a vacuum created in the bottom of the crucible using steam through a selected filter (there are three metal filters with varying perforation patterns or a paper filter). 



Video from Alpha Dominche walking through the brew process on a Steampunk 4.0: 

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