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"coffee + clothing + parts + books"



There's no need to be intimidated even if you don't know a thing about motorcycles. The Shop Vancouver is a motorcycle-focused shop, but it's also a great place to drop in to get a coffee or look at their unique lines of men's clothing and other merchandise.  And if you're lucky one of The Shop's regulars will pull up outside on a bike you can gawk at.

They also enjoy a good cup of coffee and use their own locally roasted organic blend from East Van Roasters prepared by either a drip brew or French press.

The Shop also frequently hosts events that you can find out about through their Facebook page. 



Shop Trivia

"Each vignette depicts  life sized Chinese people in a specific year: 1884, 1936, and 1905. The use of perspective creates an optical illusion of depth, blurring the boundaries of time."
  • Opened September 15, 2012. 
  • The building is owned by the Association of Chinese Freemasons and The Shop's neighbours on Columbia include some other interesting shops: Duchesse Vintage and Such, Positive Negative Art Gallery and The Chinatown Experiment. The building was originally a two-story built in 1895 with the address 101 Dupont Street (the street was renamed to Pender in 1907) .



The Shop Vancouver | | 432 Columbia Street, Vancouver V6A 2R8 | 604-568-7273

Weekdays 11AM - 7PM

Weekends 11AM - 5PM



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ESPN: (The) Shop Talk

"Step foot into The Shop and you'll feel a calm as the door closes on the mushrooming smells of Chinatown on one side and the zombie hustle of East Hastings Street, a perennially troubled zone, on the other. There's a small counter on your left and the smell of gourmet coffee wafts through the 700-square-foot space filled with neatly racked shirts, jackets, Red Wing boots and the like."


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"A former pro snowboarder, and a professional photographer got together with the idea of a motorcycle cafe. Brett and TJ came up with the concept in California and it wasn’t long before the ball was rolling."

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