Rocanini Coffee Roasters Steveston

"We wanted to explore the essence of the coffee bean, the correct way to roast beans for their highest potential, and to serve and satisfy those with even the most particular taste buds."



Rocanini Coffee Roasters' cafe in Steveston is a spacious and bright cafe in the heart of the historic Richmond fishing village.

Located in the corner of a condo development built in 2010, the modern interior plays off the white shell with natural woods while resisting the temptation to touch anything nauticalThe space has some unique lighting fixtures and a constantly changing exhibition of paintings from local artists to tie everything together.

The cafe uses coffee beans from their roastery in Mount Pleasant and Rocanini provides customers with several different options to taste their coffee. You can also try their pour over coffee or siphon coffee prepared on a bank of halogen burners. Their espresso drinks are prepared on the stainless steel La Marzocco GB/5. The huge piece of equipment that looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab is an Oji cold brew coffee system from Japan for their iced coffee.

They also carry a selection of baked goods from The Sweet Spot Bakery which is located down the block. 



Shop Trivia

  • The communal table at the front of the cafe is made with wood from a castle in Lyon, France.
  • The logo and branding for Rocanini Coffee Roasters was done by David Arias who's a graphic designer based in Vancouver. 
  • The crosswalk in front of the cafe is known as a scramble intersection that stops traffic in all directions allowing pedestrians to cross in any direction including diagonally at the same time. The scramble intersection was unveiled in December 2011 and is currently the only one in the province. The city of Vancouver was one of the first cities to introduce these systems in North America when it built one in 1941 at the intersection of Granville and West Hastings  A Vancouver Sun article from May 15, 1962 attributed it's creation to to city traffic engineer Ken Vaughan-Birch. At one point they had six of the scramble intersections installed in the city until they were phased out.
  • Opened November 10, 2010.
  • The iced coffee at Rocanini uses the Oji cold brew system which is built in Japan. The system releases a steady stream of room temperature water onto the coffee grounds. The cold brew coffee has also gained the moniker "Japanese" or "Kyoto" style iced coffee after some US cafes began to refer to the coffee using that name.
  • The porcelain cups used at Rocanini are a staple of cafes around the world and are produced by ACF in Italy.  You can find them at some other local Vancouver cafes including Kafka's Coffee & Tea and Moja Coffee.


Rocanini Coffee Roasters Steveston | | 115-3900 Moncton Street, Richmond V7E 3A6 | 604-284-5126

Located inside Richmond's Steveston Village.

Weekdays 7:30AM - 7PM

Weekends 8AM - 7PM 



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Richmond Review: Rocanini: a ‘cool space in Steveston’

"With years of experience as a retailer and roaster of coffee, owner Dawn Peng opened the café so she could supply and sell the coffee she roasts. The name, Rocanini, is a play on English, Chinese, and Italian language. “Rock” in English makes one think of a solid foundation. In Chinese, “rock” sounds like “in” as in trendy, fashionable, luxurious. And the “anini” part of the name sounds Italian."

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