Matchstick Coffee Roasters Georgia Street

"Matchstick Coffee Roasters is a specialty roastery and retailer in Vancouver, BC, with an emphasis on hand-crafted preparation and delivery of single-origin coffees."

Two years after opening their first cafe at Fraser & Kingsway, Matchstick Coffee Roasters got back into construction mode with a new location on East Georgia Street in Chinatown.

If you've visited their original location, you can instantly find the similarities between the two with the layout of the room to the materials used. Working with a substantially larger space at 2,832 square feet there is a lot more seating with several communal tables, some benches in a corner of the room and a few stools by the front window.

The eighteen foot ceilings the walls are covered with white square tile and natural wood planks along with a few sections made from reclaimed Douglas fir that were charred black using a blowtorch. And instead of the forest green used for the metal chairs and espresso machine at Fraser Stret they have gone with a fire engine red.

Espresso drinks at Matchstick Coffee gets prepared on their La Marzocco Strada along with cups of brewed coffee by the cup using their Chemex brewers.

Matchstick's new Chinatown location also added to the list of Vancouver cafes with a licensed space with a selection of beers from local breweries on tap. The new location has an expanded food program which includes some light breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with fresh baked goods.



Shop Trivia

  • Matchstick Coffee Roasters' Georgia location is located on the ground floor of the Golden Crown Centre that was built in 1987. It was one of a series of multi-use buildings with attached parking lots built to attract shoppers to the area starting in the 1980s. The building is currently marketed as 211 East Georgia and recent renovations converted part of the parkade on the 5th and 6th floors into additional office space. Their are still two old signs on the side of the building in Chinese with the original building name. The other major parkades built in Chinatown include the Sun Wah Centre and the Chinatown Plaza Parkade.
  • Opened March 5, 2014.
  • The filter coffee and tea at Matchstick's cafe is all prepapred on their bank of Chemex brewers. The glass coffeemaker was invented in the late 1930s by German Peter Schlumbohm. With his background studying chemistry in university, he used some chemistry laboratory glassware as a starting point to create his coffeemaker. The Chemex brewers are currently produced by a family owned company in a small warehouse in Chicopee, Massachusetts.
  • Matchstick's coffee bean packaging uses illustrations through an open submission process open to artists:
"We want these illustrations to not only underscore the variety that can be found within the world of coffee, but also the variety that exists within the Matchstick community.  This is why we’re asking you to be a part of this. There are no specific artistic parameters – we have featured everything from shoes to bears to sea monsters on our bags."
  • The fairly nondescript brick building on the southwest corner of Main and Georgia is the BC Hydro Murrin Substation built in 1945 which supplies electricity to Mount Pleasant and South False Creek. The architect on the project was McCarter and Nairne which also included several art deco design features in the building.


Matchstick Coffee Roasters | | 213 East Georgia Street, Vancouver V6A 4J7 | 604-336-0213

Everyday 7AM - 9PM



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