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"At the core of Matchstick is our desire to take that which is common, like a daily mug of coffee, and produce it with the highest level of care and attention."



Matchstick Coffee Roasters is a cafe and roastery that is located near the intersection of Fraser and Kingsway in Mount Pleasant. While their love for coffee is a given, they've also complimented that passion with a beautiful room to enjoy a cup of coffee.

The cafe is located across from the tiny McAuley Park which provides a small buffer from the constant stream of traffic on Kingsway.  The huge windows at the front of the cafe let in large amounts of light onto the walls that are covered with natural wood panels and white subway tiles.

Matchstick serves Chemex pour over coffee and espresso drinks prepared on their custom painted forest green LaMarzocco Strada machine.

They also have a selection of baked goods prepared in-house. Along with a few breakfast items, they also serve sandwiches for lunch.



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  • The branding and identity design for Matchstick was done in collaboration by Cameron McKague and Dirk Wright.
  •  Opened January 20, 2012. 
  • The building was originally built in 1923, but the section housing Matchstick seems to have been added later on since there's a photo taken in June 1939 of East 15th and Fraser which shows an empty lot where the cafe is now located.
  • One unique element at Matchstick is their water program with profits from the sale of their seltzer water going to the charity Water For People:
"In addition to supporting the farmers in these regions by purchasing their coffee and doing our best to tell their important stories through the roasting and purveying of that crop as best we can, we wanted to invest in these communities through something that wasn’t strictly related to our own profit."
  • The safe door is a relic when the space was a branch for the the Bank of Toronto (later renamed when it merged with the Dominion Bank in 1955 to Toronto-Dominion Bank) which operated a branch at Kingsway and Fraser starting around 1948. It seemed to have operated from two different addresses 641 Kingsway and 641 East 15th which may have been due to the unique road layout that still exists today at that intersection. JJ Bean's cafe at Main Street was also home to a bank which served as a Bank of Montreal branch.
  • The communal table in the cafe is a slab of timber from a naturally fallen 20-foot long Douglas Fir. 
  • Locally you can find Matchstick Coffee Roasters' beans served at various cafes including Bump N Grind Cafe, Commercial Street Café, Momento Coffee House, Nelson the Seagull and Revolver Coffee.


Matchstick Coffee Roasters | | 639 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver V5T 2R6 | 604-558-0639

Everyday 7AM - 9PM


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"A cafe with a strong sense community, they’re approachable and knowledgable and are willing to share a great deal with those who are interested and passionate. "

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"It exudes a quiet confidence and isn’t the least bit oppressive; oozing style without grasping desperately for it; quiet on character but loud on cool. The soundtrack is bang on, too, and heavy with soul (plenty of Otis Redding on my last visit)."

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