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"We want to create a space that brings the world to Vancouver both through art, philanthropy and great food."



Lost + Found Cafe is the newest project for Kane Ryan along with his family, friends and supporters. After spending three years working in India with his Dirty Wall Project, Kane is back in Canada to continue his charitable work overseas and now locally through the cafe. 

The cafe located on the ground floor of the Chelsea Inn building on West Hastings has almost 2900 square feet of space for the cafe to work with. Along with ample seating, that includes a dedicated section to selling items from women's organizations around the globe with proceeds going back to the Dirty Wall Project Foundation. There's also a meeting room in the back and the entire space also is used to host art exhibitions, meetings and other special events. 

All of their baked goods are made fresh every morning at the cafe and they have a breakfast and lunch menu available ranging from breakfast buns filled with scrambled eggs and cheddar to curried yam and coconut soup. 

The cafe is serving up cafe from Republica Coffee Roasters  which is located in Fort Langley. They have drip coffee and espresso drinks prepared on their Nuova Simonelli machine.


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  • "Make Mondays Matter" at Lost + Found Cafe is one of their first local projects since opening their cafe: "Our non-profit partner the Dirty Wall Project Foundation will be matching coffee sales dollar for dollar every Monday between 9AM - 12PM with all proceeds going to a local charity working in the DTES."
  • Opened January 28, 2013. 
  • The Chelsea Inn started life as the Palace Hotel when it was built in 1906. The hotel initially operated from both the 33/35 West Hastings addresses, but for some reason was split into two different hotels afterwards. Prior to being renamed the Chelsea Inn, the hotel was also known as Oxford Rooms and the the Veile Hotel.
  • The empty lot across the street at 58 West Hastings Street is owned by Concord Pacific. With no near term development plans, the half acre site is being used by the Portland Hotel Society for the Hastings Urban Farm. Providing training and employment to local residents the garden also provides fresh produce and fruit for the community.



Lost + Found Cafe | lostandfoundcafe.com | 33 West Hastings Street, Vancouver V6A 3E1 | 604-559-7444

Weekdays 8AM - 6PM

Saturday 10AM - 5PM



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BC Living: Lost + Found Cafe Offers Food + Art + Philanthropy 

"After a stint in India illuminated the difference one can make to improve the lives of others, Kane Ryan opened Vancouver's Lost + Found Cafe to benefit the less fortunate everywhere."

Dirty Wall Project: We're open

"At Lost + Found we want to give people a chance to come in, have great food and a chance to pick up a book or have a chat and day dream about somewhere they’ve always wanted to go or reminisce about that trip they took. "