Greenhorn Espresso Bar


"Greenhorn espresso bar is nestled in the heart of the west end. A curated environment dedicated to great coffee, great food and a flex art/retail space that is meant to inspire and captivate those who cross it's threshold."


The newest member of the West End community, Greenhorn Espresso Bar pays homage to the history of the area while also fulfilling the role as the new neighbourhood meeting spot.

Greenhorn's space is split into two parts with the front of space dominated by two large slabs of reclaimed lumber used on the front counter and a small communal table along with some unique lighting including a ruby red chandelier. The back room located up a few stairs has more seating and also functions as an exhibition room for artwork, vintage bicycles and motorcycles that are available for purchase.

The cafe gets their beans from North Vancouver's Moja Coffee with French press, drip brewed coffee and espresso drinks prepared on their Synesso machine.

Food service at the cafe includes a breakfast and lunch menu (Spanish Tortilla, Quiche, Belgian Waffles, Short Rib Beef Dip, Roast Chicken...) and also serve brunch on the weekend. They bring in a selection of baked goods from Gastown's Cadeaux Bakery along with a few gluten free items from Wendels True Foods.



Shop Trivia

  • Greenhorn Espresso Bar was named after three English immigrants who managed to end up owning most of the West End while working on a plan to make a brick factory in the area. Their venture led them to be nicknamed the Three Greenhorn Englishmen by others who didn't think much of their speculative land purchase. The West End is also home to another set of immigrants turned entrepreneurs. The Wosk brothers, Ben and Morris, immigrated from the Ukraine in 1928 to Vancouver and starting from a small shop on Granville Street built a small chain of furniture and appliance stores. They later got into real estate development owning apartment blocks and hotels including the Beach Towers on English Bay along with the Blue Horizon Hotel and Sheraton Landmark (now the Empire Landmark) on Robson Street.
  • A monument to the Three Greenhorns is located near English Bay with a bronze sundial created by sculptor Gerhard Class that was created for Canada's Centennial in 1967. The monument sits in Morton Park along Morton Avenue which were both named after one of the greenhorns John Morton. A second sundial was commission in 1976 for the Van Dusen Gardens. Class' sculptures can be found around Vancouver: the Queen Elizabeth Plaza Centennial Fountain, the Province Newspaper Memorial in Victory Park along with two sculptures on the University of British Columbia campus.
  • Taking a walk around the West End you'll find old heritage homes sitting next to low-rise and high-rise apartments. A height limit for new apartments was imposed in 1927 restricting masonry buildings to six stories and wood frame building to three stories until 1957 which saw a flurry of high-rise rental housing apartments built. Some of the notable high-rises built include the Nelson Towers at 1115 designed by Arthur Erickson and Geoff Massey in 1969. The two also designed the towers at 1230 and 1260 Nelson Street.
  • Located on the opposite corner of Nicola and Nelson is the Vancouver Fire Department's Fire Hall Number 6 which serves the West End. Opened in 1908 the brick fire house was designed by Arthur Julius Bird and housed the first motorized fire trucks in the department: the Seagrave Auto House Wagon and Auto Chemical Engine. The two vehicles were from the W.E. Seagrave Fire Apparatus Company of Ohio and assembled in Walkerville, Ontario. The Vancouver fire department received the first three engines produced by the company in 1908.


Greenhorn Espresso Bar | | 994 Nicola Street, Vancouver, V6G 2C8 | 604-428-2912

Monday to Friday 7AM - 8PM

Weekend 8AM - 5PM



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"If I had to pin it, I’d say that the West End is about to score something similar to Le Marche St. George, and that’s cause for residents to rejoice. This is a terribly under-served bit of the city, so it would be rather silly if they didn’t do well."

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