East Van Roasters

East Van Roasters is a non-profit initiative that creates organic ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate and coffee roasted and prepared on site."



East Van Roasters is the newest social enterprise from the Portland Hotel Society (PHS) Community Services where they are producing artisan chocolate and coffee. East Van Roasters is bringing bean-to-bar chocolate to Vancouver taking raw cacao beans to produce single origin chocolates. The cafe is also a great place to ask any questions that you have about the chocolate making process.

The pastries and cookies at the cafe are baked by Faubourg in Kerrisdale Village and all the chocolate used in the baked goods is from East Van Roasters.

Along with the chocolates, East Van Roasters also roasts their own coffee. With espresso drinks at the cafe prepared on their Nuova Simonelli machine or you can opt for a cup from a Bodum french press.  They also serve tea from Steam Tea House and have a selection of drinking chocolates available to try.




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  • The PHS Community Services is a nonprofit society that provides housing and support for residents in the Downtown Eastside. They also operate several small businesses in the area like the Frock Shop, Community Thrift & Vintage and Window Community Art Shop. The proceeds from the stores are returned to the society and they also employ and provide training for local residents.
  • Along with their neighbours Nelson the Seagull, their current space (and basement) has been occupied by various pubs and bars in the Rainier Hotel over the years including Paddy's, Pony's Cabaret/Minto's Pub, Samoo's and The Brickyard. One of the last occupants of the space before the building was renovated was Limerick Junction which was owned by Sean Heather and John Coughlan which briefly operated for two months. The Heather Hospitality Group now occupies the corner space of the building with their Rainier Provisions.
  • Both their coffee and chocolate are roasted in the back of the cafe by master roaster Doug Graf who was also previously a co-owner of Origins Coffee Company.   The machine being used to roast their cacao and coffee beans is a Loring SmartRoast which is designed to use 80% less gas than traditional roasters that typically remove smoke from the exhaust using an afterburner.
  • Opened April 19, 2013. 
  • PHS Community Services previously made a proposal in 2009 to take on the social enterprise space created inside the Woodward’s development. They wanted to use the space to create a cafe, coffee roaster and artisan chocolate factory with the name "ONE".


East Van Roasters | eastvanroasters.com | 319 Carrall Street, Vancouver V6A 1M9 | 604-629-7562

Tuesday - Saturday 10AM - 5PM



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"They get housing and treatment, of course. But some now work making exotic and gourmet chocolate products as part of unique efforts by PHS, which operates housing for hundreds of the area’s most troubled residents, to find them meaningful employment. "

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