Culprit Coffee Co.

"Come and say hi and we'll tell you all about our passion for coffee and food and (when it's not pouring rain) serve you on our sunny patio!"

Kitsilano is home to Culprit Coffee Co. where they've brought their love for coffee and gluten-free baked goods to the neighbourhood.

Located just off of 4th Avenue, it's hard to miss the cafe with its brick wall facade painted a bright yellow. Inside the space it's decidedly relaxed with a black and white checkerboard floor complemented by tables and counters finished with oriented strand board with a glossy finish.

Culprit Coffee serves up coffee from Vancouver Island's Fernwood Coffee Company. They have brewed coffee and espresso drinks using Fernwood's 1936 Espresso prepared on their white La Marzocco machine.

The cafe is totally gluten-free and everything gets baked in the cafe every morning with cinnamon buns, cookies and other baked goods. They also have a variety of gluten-free specials for lunch including sandwiches, soups and salads.



Shop Trivia

  •  Culprit Coffee is located on the ground floor of the Roslyn Court apartment building that was built in 1912.
  • The cafe features some classic French cafe/bistro furniture. Outside on their patio they have tables and folding chairs from Fermob  which is based near Lyon, France. Fermob has been manufacturing outdoor furniture since they first patented their "Simplex" Bistro Chair in 1889. You can find these pieces at several other Vancouver cafe patios including Beaucoup Bakery and Strada Cycles. Inside there's another classic French cafe chair with the Tolix Model A. The vintage flashlight lighting fixture above the counter was created by local artist Randy Zieber.
  • The branding for Culprit Coffee Co. was created by Vancouver creative agency Clou Studios. You can read an interview with the two principals of Clou, Travis Collier and Ryan Romero, on their design philosophy:
    "Clou would love to see design mingle and interact with art means and forms to the point that it becomes a creation worth speaking of and something valuable. To take design and designers away from being just mere execution tools but rather a conduit for distinct messages with an artistic approach."
  • The Safeway located at the corner of West 4th Avenue & Vine Street is one of their distinctive Marina-style supermarket designs built in 1968 and modelled after a store on Marina Boulevard in San Francisco which was the prototype. The building had a glass curtain front wall and curved roof which was common to many other supermarket chains including the Penn Fruit Company, Kohl's Foods and Grand Union. Most of the distinctive elements are gone from renovations in 1992 and the only remnants of the old design is the sign out front which was another signature of their stores. Safeway has had a presence on the block since 1929 when they had a small store front location at 2350 West 4th Avenue.
  • Opened May 11, 2012. 
  • Culprit Coffee serves up coffee from Fernwood Coffee which is based in Victoria on Vancouver Island. The branding for the coffee roaster was recently updated in 2013 by Vancouver design firm Glasfurd & Walker which also has done work for Beta 5 Chocolates and Meat & Bread.




Culprit Coffee Co. | | 2028 Vine Street, Vancouver V6K 3K1 | 604-730-0133

Located at 4th Avenue and Vine Street. 

Everyday 8AM - 6PM



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The Cleanest Corner: Culprit Coffee Co. 

"Culprit's vibrant branding and dedication to locally-sourced and hand-made offerings is something to be appreciated and look forward to with every visit."

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