Cafe Crema

"Coffee & in-house baking, right next to the water."


Cafe Crema is run by Tarry and Kristine Gianniakos (the family also runs Gastown's Revolver Coffee) and their cafe is blessed with one of the nicest doorsteps in the city looking out onto the water. After having previous experience running a cafe on the Sunshine Coast, they took over the space in Ambleside bringing a focus on great coffee and a wide selection of fresh baked goods.

Crema received a major refresh in 2012 in a series of overnight installs in the cafe with walls covered in wood from an old Ontario farm, new furniture and both modern and antique lighting fixtures. The gorgeous communal table and high table tops use reclaimed wood from Vancouver's Pantages Theatre and Opsal Steel building when they were demolished.

Crema currently uses coffee from two different roasters with Vancouver's JJ Bean Coffee and Calgary's Phil & Sebastian both featured. They have Fetco filter coffee available at the cafe and espresso drinks are prepared on their brand new Nuova Simonelli Aurelia T3.

The cafe also has a display case full of the pastries and desserts baked in the cafe every morning ranging from staples like scones and muffins to more intricate trifles and cheesecakes. Along with some lunch items on the menu they also serve brunch on the weekends. All the baked goods served at Revolver are also delivered every morning from Crema.



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  • Building built in 1980.
  • The wallpaper mural in the cafe is a reproduction of an 1890s engraving created by the writer and geographer Élisée Reclus for his nineteen volume La Nouvelle Géographie universelle (translated at the same time into an English version titled Universal Geography) documenting the land and people on most regions of the globe. Taken of Cape Pillar in Chile it sits at the western entrance of the Strait of Magellan. The wood engraving was originally created from a photograph by A. Slom and later into a plate by Barbant and Derbier.
  • Opened December 2007.
  • The foot of 15th Street in West Vancouver was also temporarily the home of the Millennium Floral Clock designed by landscape designer Peter Kreuk of Durante Kreuk to celebrate the year 2000. The clock was removed in 2010 when plans were unveiled for an expanded park with the demolition of several waterfront homes purchased by the City of West Vancouver. The clock was designed by Ray Saunders of Vancouver's Landmark Clocks which also designed the steam clock located in Gastown a few blocks from Revolver Coffee. Durante Kreuk also designed the Ambleside Landing space at 14th Street in 1988.
  • Crema is the term given to the thin creamy layer at the top of an espresso shot from the oils in the coffee beans due to the processing and roasting of the coffee. Caffè crema was also the trade name for espresso drinks in the 1940s and 1950s by Italian espresso machine maker Gaggia which used a piston mechanism to create a pressurized extraction producing the crema.



Cafe Crema | | 1495 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, V7T 1C3 | 604-922-2294

Monday to Friday 6AM - 6PM

Weekends 7AM - 6PM



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