Inside the Well And Good Coffee Popup

Eldric Stuart of Aubade Coffee has been recently opening up up their coffee bar in Chinatown giving the chance for people to serve their coffee to the public. The latest coffee shop takeover installment brought in Nate Welland who has worked in the Vancouver coffee scene for several years and also can be found on weekends helping behind the bar at Aubade.

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event, coffee beans, photosLawrence Lee
Inside Starbucks Mount Pleasant Reserve Bar

When Starbucks opened their flagship roastery and tasting room in Seattle as a massive 15,000 square feet Disneyland for coffee it was easy to see people drawn in just to see the new tourist attraction. But how does that translate on a local level opening up a Reserve Bar in the corner of an albeit nicely renovated Starbucks while still keeping the existing "Classics" menu customers happy.

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